[ASC-list] Spokesperson and Media Relations Manager: International Rice Research Institute

Tue Aug 5 07:33:24 UTC 2008

Dear all,


Below is an ad for what is, more or less, my job here at the
International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines (there are a
few changes from what I'm doing). I'll be returning to Australia at the
end of this year. If anyone has any questions about the job, they're
welcome to contact me at a.barclay at cgiar.org.


Spokesperson and Media Relations Manager

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; www.irri.org) is
seeking a Spokesperson and Media Relations Manager to work in its
Communication and Publications Services at Institute headquarters in the
Philippines. Preferred candidates are persons at an early stage of their
careers, who have: 1) at least 5 years of national experience looking to
gain greater experience in an international environment, 2) knowledge of
the latest developments in agricultural research and issues related to
such developments, and 3) understanding of the roles of the many
different stakeholders involved in international rice research and
development. This position, in general, is responsible for media
relations, public affairs, and leadership in further developing a
communications policy and strategy to guide IRRI in all its
communication activities. Complete details about this position can be
found at www.irri.org/jobs/international.asp#641 or contacting Selene
Ocampo at IRRIRecruitment at cgiar.org. Deadline for applications is 15



Adam Barclay

Editor, Rice Today Magazine, and Spokesperson

International Rice Research Institute

Ph: +63 2 580 5600 (ext. 2204)

Mobile: +63 917 544 0043

www.irri.org <http://www.irri.org/>  


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