[ASC-list] Free science talk, Melbourne, Thursday 21st August, 8:00pm

David Vaux D.Vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Aug 12 23:37:46 UTC 2008

ANZAAS Vic Science Talk, Free, all welcome (booking not needed)
Free pizza and drinks after the talk

Casey Plaza Theatre, Bowen Street, RMIT University

THURSDAY (note different day!) 21st August 2008, at 8 pm

Dr. Sandra McLaren,

School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne

Reading the rock record: Our energy future on the hot southern continent
Essentially, Planet Earth is a heat engine. The transfer of heat from the
Earth¹s interior to the Earth¹s surface is what makes our planet dynamic. In
the central core of the Australian continent, in western Queensland, the
Northern Territory and South Australia, the amount of heat flowing through
the Earth¹s surface is more than twice the global average. Some of the high
heat flow is related to recent volcanic activity (for example, around
Portland in Victoria), but elsewhere it comes from anomalously high
concentrations of the naturally radioactive elements: Uranium, Thorium and
Potassium. Rocks enriched in these elements literally produce heat, and we
can show that these really hot rocks have profoundly impacted the long-term
history of the Australian continent.
As well as impacting our geological past, these rocks also have huge
potential to contribute to our energy future. The heat-producing element
enrichments are the source of Australia¹s extraordinary uranium reserves as
well as our status as one of the most prospective countries in the world for
hot-dry-rock geothermal power. Our hot rocks are a unique,
one-and-a-half-billion year old legacy of our geological past. In this talk
I will outline the evidence for the heat producing element enrichment and
discuss ways we can use it to optimise our energy security into the future.

***We are pleased to acknowledge the support by CSL and RMIT University for
the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks series***

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