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Free public talk 
 Pocket Nanotech: The 2007 Nobel Prize for Physics
Professor David McKenzie
School of Physics
University of Sydney 
Research into Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) won the Nobel Prize in2008, research which has already changed the world and found its wayinto your pocket before you knew it. GMR is the principle that allows ahard-drive to read the tiny bits of magnetic data from disk; withoutit, iPods and computers could not have advanced to today’s level.2007’swas not the average Nobel Prize, as the theoretical physicists arestill struggling to explain the amazing experiments of the winnersAlbert Fert and Peter Grunberg. Learn about the science and theintrigue in this fully illustrated talk, complete with live experiments.Professor David R. McKenzie holds the Chair in Materials Physics. Hisresearch interests are in the development of novel materials, theimprovement of the properties of existing materials by plasmaprocessing and in the application of physics in medicine and in energyconversion. He is well known internationally for the discovery of a newform of carbon known as tetrahedral amorphous carbon, with applicationsas a protective layer for magnetic memory devices such as hard discdevices and for developing evacuated tubular solar collectors.Date: Thursday August 14th, 2008Time: 6.30 – 7.30 PM (light refreshments from 6pm)

Venue: Slade Lecture Theatre, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Camperdown Campus

RSVP: Hyacinth Alfonso, halfonso at physics.usyd.edu.au or 9351 3037 with your name and number of seats required.
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