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Was Lamarck right; climate wars and the politics of water - for anyone in Melbourne this week, our friends at the Melbourne Writers' Festival have some interesting science related topics on the agenda this week:


Acquired Characteristics    

Every revolution needs a scapegoat. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck has long been derided by the victorious neo-Darwinists. Yet, as Ross Honeywill, Peter Doherty and John Long ask: does he deserve it? Chaired by John Lenarcic.

Thursday August 28, 5:30pm BMW Edge

Link: http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=2816 <http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=2816>   

Parched: The politics of water   

Everyone talks about peak oil, but what about peak water? Large tracts of the world are drying up and, as with any scarce commodity, the corporations are moving in. Water and environmental experts Maude Barlow, Gwynne Dyer, Paul Sinclair and John Quiggin discuss the policies, local and international, that will lead to sustainable use of water and its equitable distribution. Chaired by Peter Mares of The National Interest, Radio National. (Part of the Big Ideas series)

Saturday August 30, 8pm, RMIT Capitol Theatre

Link:  http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=3062 <http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=3062>    

The climate wars   

Maude Barlow, Gwynne Dyer and Paul Sinclair discuss whether victory is possible in the climate wars or have we left our charge too late? Chaired by Peter McLennan

Sunday August 31, 1:15pm ACMI 2

Link: http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=3123 <http://www.mwf.com.au/2008/content/mwf_2008_events.asp?name=3123>   

For interviews please contact Melbourne Writers' Festival publicist: Magda Petkoff at magda at purplemedia.com.au <mailto:magda at purplemedia.com.au>  
For bookings or general enquiries, visit http://www.mwf.com.au <http://www.mwf.com.au/> 

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