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Peter Pockley scicomm at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 12 05:33:23 UTC 2008

My operating arm, Science Communication, is running out of storage 
space again. Two years ago we began a clearance by offering many back 
copies of the journals Nature and Science to worthy causes in science 
and its communication, education and related areas. Two institutional 
libraries picked up the separate blocks and added them to their 
collections. This saved them from being shredded and pulped!

The space created by departure of these boxes has now filled up and, 
again, I offer another large block, this time of the weekly magazine, 
New Scientist, beginning in March 1987 and continuing through to 
December 2006. The copies are sorted in date order and are in ten 
boxes of the type used for selling reams of A4 paper.

As previously, if there is competition for this offer, applications 
will be judged according to their perceived use in the broad public 
and/or professional interest. The collection is offered as a block 
only and is not available in selected parts or as individual copies. 
The collection is free of charge. The successful applicant will only 
have to arrange for collection. There is easy access to the store at 
street level.

You may submit an application by email or fax. Please state your 
affiliation and include a brief note on the use to which you or your 
organisation would put the collection.

I would appreciate it if you could copy this offer to your librarians.

Regards all!


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