[ASC-list] Opportunity to comment: CPRS

Margaret Lawson margaretlawson at expertguide.com.au
Mon Dec 15 12:42:19 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I have replied off-list to Charles's questions. Among my answers, are the

"One thing my online profile does not mention is that I am deeply passionate
about the environment. So much so, that I have travelled and trekked on
every continent on this planet. Less than a year ago, I was in Antarctica -
a passion I note that we both share. I have clawed my way to the top of Mt
Kilimanjaro to observe the glaciers. When I worked at the (Labor)
Government-owned corporation Ergon Energy, part of my responsibility was
promoting clean energy and our cogeneration projects. I have written for The
Courier-Mail on the subject of environmental marketing. I have spent time
interviewing David Mills, Hunter Lovins, David Suzuki and others trying to
learn about, and faithfully report, different views on this complex

"I am very open about my 'affiliations' as the owner of Expert Guide and
Cole Lawson. I am delighted that two of the organisations I approached to
sponsor Expert Alert did so and made it possible. I am happy that this
initiative has provided the opportunity for young, up-and-coming
broadcasters and podcasters to try something new and hone their skills. I am
proud that part of the sponsorship funds from this initiative will go back
into funding scholarships and professional placements and projects for
aspiring broadcasters..."

The Expert Alert forum is an open, unrestricted forum where I encourage you
or your colleagues to post views on the CPRS - whatever they may be. I also
encourage anyone who would like to support a video Expert Alert to get in
touch and discuss your ideas. You can film and send through your comments to
us, or we can assist you.

If anyone has any questions about Expert Guide or Cole Lawson please don't
hesitate to contact me personally and I am more than happy to help you. Kind

margaretlawson at expertguide.com.au
P 0419 643 243

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