[ASC-list] Appearance in scope is not an endorsement

Regan Forrest regan at reganforrest.com
Mon Jul 7 03:36:53 UTC 2008

<<I would expect the "Science in the News" section to treat mathematics 
somewhat more seriously than to highlight the Guardian story 

Dear Jan (and ASC List),

I feel I should re-iterate that inclusion in the "Science in the News"
section does not represent endorsement by ASC or its associates. News items
are selected on the basis of their level to spark interest and / or debate,
which this article self-evidently has for at least one reader. :-) 

To my mind, it is reasonable for a news roundup to include instances where
the mainstream media have given a platform to points of view that your
average science communicator may not agree with. How better to rebut critics
than knowing what they're saying?

Kind regards,

Regan Forrest
(ougoing) scope Editor

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