[ASC-list] Free science talk, Melbourne, Thursday 24th July, 8:00pm

David Vaux D.Vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Jul 16 05:09:04 UTC 2008

ANZAAS Vic Science Talk, Free, all welcome (booking not needed)
Free pizza and drinks after the talk

Casey Plaza Theatre, Bowen Street, RMIT University

THURSDAY (note different day!) 24th July 2008, at 8 pm

Professor Andrew Sinclair
Director: Early Development & Disease,
Murdoch Children¹s Research Institute

---- Sex determination: many ways to make a testis or ovary ----
One of the most profound decisions in our lives is the moment at which we
inherit either an X or Y chromosome. If the Y chromosome is present a gene
is activated that causes a testis to develop. Conversely, in the absence of
a Y chromosome the genetic program drives ovary development. Once a testis
or an ovary has formed they produce sex-specific hormones that further
reinforce our sexual fate. Understanding the genetic events that underlie
the proper formation of testes and ovaries in humans also provides insights
into what happens in patients with disorders of sexual development. By
contrast, some reptiles use the temperature at which their eggs are
incubated to determine the sex of their offspring while birds use a
completely different and little understood mechanism. This talk will explore
the variety of mechanisms that lead to that most fundamental biological
trait ­ our sex.

***We are pleased to acknowledge the support by CSL and RMIT Universty for
the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks series***

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