[ASC-list] Want to teach sci comm at uni?

Will Rifkin willrifkin at unsw.edu.au
Sun Jun 15 10:22:05 UTC 2008


Want to teach science communication at uni?

Expressions of interest are invited for running an introductory class at
UNSW for session 2, late July until late October 2008.  The class will
meet the mornings of Tuesdays and possibly Thursdays (depending on
student numbers).

Students come from a range of majors in science, from psychology to
ecology to exercise science to physics.  First year through to third
year.  They tend to be idealistic and people-orientated.  They are not
generally avid writers ... as yet.

Figure on 20 to 40 students.  Complete lesson plans are laid out in
detail -- student activities, discussion topics, short homework
assignments, and project guidelines.  Plus, I will be around to coach.

Plan to follow the guidelines that I provide (all due modesty aside, I
have won six teaching awards).
Add your twist to the course through the many interactions in class
rather than in lecture topics.

Desired qualifications --
* a degree in science
* training in organisational behaviour and human communication
* experience teaching university students or adults
* professional experience in science communication
* a sincere enthusiasm for sharing insights into human nature, learning,
and the challenges of communicating about science.

Pay comes to just over $40/hour of your time invested.
Figure 3-4 hours of class time/week + 6-16 hours preparation, marking,
and handling students' e-mails and questions.

Please submit expressions of interest (EOI) to me by 1 July 2008.
Respond with your qualifications as they relate to the tasks and
selection criteria laid out above.

Keep your EOI to two pages, max.
I will ask for detail and arrange a conversation later.

Will Rifkin, PhD
Director, Science Communication Program
Faculty of Science, UNSW
willrifkin at unsw.edu.au

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