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Comment on Australian innovation: wiki open now

It's not too late to join in the discussion on the Review of Australia's
National Innovation System. An innovative website, using technology
similar to the successful online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, is providing
an opportunity for people to contribute directly to discussing issues
raised by the Review. 

Some of the issues being discussed online include:

*         Is 'innovation in the public sector' important to Australia's

*         How can national innovation priorities recognise and encompass
regional and rural priorities?

*         What level of resources should be devoted to communication and
knowledge transfer?

*         Can government increase innovation by being a demanding

Join the debate at http://australianinnovationreview2008.pbwiki.com. 

The site has been established by the Australian Information Industry
Association and will be moderated by Australian Science Communicators.
Anyone can access the website, create an account, and contribute to the
debate on issues related to the Review. The topics include: funding
models; government procurement; workplace innovation; information policy
and markets; innovation in the tropics; rural innovation; measuring
innovation; public sector innovation; and communication.

The wiki website has been opened with the support of the Review Panel as
an innovative way of canvassing as wide a range of views on Australia's
innovation system as possible. Until 30 June and maybe later, the Panel
will be observing the collective wisdom of contributors.

"Using new technologies to do this in an such an open fashion is very
valuable-and innovative," says head of the independent Review, Dr Terry
Cutler. "I look forward to the product of such a great example of mass
collaboration.  I am delighted that the Australian Information Industry
Association and the Australian Science Communicators have united to host
this virtual workshop, and encourage all Australians to contribute to
the discussions on this wiki as important forum for input into the
future our National Innovation System."

The Wiki Front Page will lead you to all the information you need to
take part. Wiki beginners can link to pages which explain how it all
works. Experienced hands can just get started by creating an account
which will allow them to write their contributions. The pages will be
moderated by members of Australian Science Communicators.

This is a new approach to discussing a Government-inspired review or
inquiry in Australia. The experience and results will be viewed with
interest by many administrators who are keen to assess the value of wiki
technology in such deliberations.

For further information, contact Tim Thwaites of Australian Science
Communicators on 0422 817 372, thwaites at optusnet.com.au or Kali Madden
on 0403 013 880 or kali at ics.mq.edu.au 





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