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Embargo to 6.30pm 30 June 2008

World Poultry Congress 2008

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre 


Poultry industry faces challenge

-  opening address puts spotlight on the industry


World poultry research leaders have the spotlight on themselves and the
industry, beginning the World Poultry Congress with a challenging opening
address by renowned geneticist, ethicist and author, Professor John Hodges
who earlier served with the Food and Agriculture Organisation.


Professor Hodges said the present Western global policy of leaving
agriculture and food to unregulated market forces risks food security and
large-scale social collapse among small farmers in developing countries.
Leaders in the poultry sector need to show the same innovation and moral
courage in shaping a sustainable future as they have in building a highly
productive past.  The new food crisis is not temporary and will not be
solved by more advanced science. We face a systemic problem; agriculture and
food need special treatment and protection within the capitalist system.
Market forces are creating the threat of famine and the unregulated market
alone cannot avert famine.


He was addressing 2000 delegates at the congress being held in Brisbane.


He said despite achieving an economic miracle in the past 50 years through
innovative leadership harnessing good science and business, unacceptable
negative effects now threaten collapse of civilised society since food is
the basic and absolute necessity for life. 


"The West now lives in an unsustainable culture of materialistic consumption
based upon a distorted free market economy" he said. "And the poultry
industry is a contributor to this economy. 


"Former stable conditions in the market economy are now broken by the
dominance of capital and profit as the only values. Return on investment
dominates all public decisions.  In the agriculture and food chain unelected
"Elite Capitalism" threatens the social fabric and survival of the 3.3
billion rural poor, small farmers in developing countries plus those who
have already been forced off the land and now live desperate lives in


He said stable traditional boundaries of civilised society are being
breached including the rule of law, molecular biology and morality. The
successful model of science and business linked to profit has run its course
in food production. The worldwide poultry sector is now in the hands of very
few leaders. He called upon them urgently to set up a global Think Tank to
design modifications to the system and to press their plans to National
Governments and the World Trade Organization for just and equitable laws to
ensure the survival of civilised society and food security. 



Professor Hodges is available for interview. 

Contact either Cathy Sage Mob: 0400 714 603 or David Powles: 0404 504 258



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