[ASC-list] Sydney Public Talk: Forever Young - Cryopreservation, a secret weapon in the animal world?

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Fri Nov 28 00:22:45 UTC 2008

*Public Talk: Professor Ken Storey
"Forever Young: Cryopreservation, a secret weapon in the animal world?"*

Friday 5 December, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Eastern Ave Lecture Theatre, The University of Sydney

Imagine if you could stop time. If you could freeze yourself when times get
tough and emerge unscathed only when things are brighter. For the medical
field of cryonics – the low temperature preservation of humans – the ability
to resuscitate after freezing is their holy grail.

Although currently physiologically impossible for humans, a variety of other
animals have learnt the secrets of whole body freezing survival. Several
northern hemisphere frog and turtle species survive winter by freezing 70%
of their body water - in essence making a frog popsicle! Frozen animals have
no heartbeat, no breathing, no muscle movement and no brain activity, yet
when thawed, all of these vital processes are reactivated within minutes.

Professor Ken Storey, a world leader in the field of biochemical adaptation,
will reveal newly discovered mechanisms of freeze tolerance in vertebrates –
including cryoprotective mechanisms, the regulation of central energy
metabolism, and the freeze responsive genes that are activated. Professor
Storey's seminar will illuminate a fascinating biological phenomenon that is
proving to have multiple applications for the improvement of human tissue
and organ cryopreservation.

*Everybody Welcome!*

*The Speaker*
Professor Ken Storey holds the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Physiology
in the Institute of Biochemistry at Carleton University. He studies the
molecular mechanisms that allow animals to endure severe environmental
stresses such as deep cold, oxygen lack, and desiccation. Ken is the author
of over 500 research articles, has edited six books, and delivered over 300
university and public lectures on every continent (including Antarctica!).

*Date: *             Friday 5 December 2008
*Time:   *          3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
*Venue:  *         Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre, The University of Sydney
*Cost:*              Free
*Contact:*          Carla Avolio on 9351 4543
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