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Bryan Gaensler talk for ASC listMagnets in the Sky: A 
New Window on the Universe
presented by Professor Bryan 
Come along on a fascinating journey 
across the cosmos as award-winning astronomer and former Young Australian of the 
Year, Professor Bryan Gaensler, opens the window for you to the magnetic 
universe. One of the more remarkable discoveries made by 20th century 
astronomers was that stars, planets and galaxies are all magnetic. These cosmic 
magnetic fields play a vital role in controlling how stars and galaxies form, 
age and evolve. Importantly, this naturally occurring magnetism regulates solar 
activity and space weather, protects the Earth from harmful particles, and is 
vital for the navigation of birds and other species. At this Sydney Science 
Forum, hear all about how we detect and study magnets in space, what creates 
astrophysical magnets, what role they play in the Universe's evolution, and how 
they have maintained their strength over billions of years of cosmic 

Wednesday 15 October, 
5:45pm – 7:00pm
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, The University of 

FREE, however bookings required as seats are 
email ssf at science.usyd.edu.au 
with number of seats required
or phone (02) 9351 3021
or register online 
at http://www.science.usyd.edu.au/outreach/forum/lecture5.shtml

About Professor Bryan 
Bryan is an Australian astronomer and former Young 
Australian of the Year (1999), and currently works as an ARC Federation Fellow 
in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. He held a Hubble 
Fellowship at MIT from 1998 to 2001, and then took up an appointment in the 
Department of Astronomy at Harvard University in 2002. He is best known for his 
work on magnetars and supernova, and is the international project scientist for 
the Square Kilometre Array, a radio telescope for the 21st century which will 
answer fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of the Universe. He 
finds inspiration in talking to school students about science. 

Faculty of Science 
The University of Sydney


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