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Dear ASCers

I thought list members might be interested to hear about three new
water-saving calculators from Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia's outdoor
water conservation labelling scheme. The calculators are a key feature of
the new 'Every Bucket Counts' campaign - please see below for more details.
If you'd like pictures or more information then don't hesitate to contact


Gabby Russell
Smart Approved WaterMark
Ph 0433 095 099

***Every bucket of water counts - let's save a million of them!***

Australians are being challenged to save at least one million buckets of
water through the new 'Every Bucket Counts' campaign launched by Smart
Approved WaterMark, Australia's water conservation labelling scheme.

The 'Every Bucket Counts' campaign features three online calculators that
show how much water each of us can save with some simple measures. The
campaign and calculators, which can be found at
http://www.smartwatermark.org, were officially launched as part of National
Water Week.

 " 'Every Bucket Counts' makes it easy for people to see how much water they
could save by choosing a waterless car wash product, installing a rainwater
tank or by using a cover if they have a pool," says Julian Gray, CEO of
Smart WaterMark.

"We are calling on people to make a pledge online to save the amount of
water the 'Every Bucket Counts' calculators show is easily achievable. If
people make the commitment, then Smart WaterMark will donate $2 for every
pledge to WaterAid Australia to help programs in countries where every
bucket of drinking water is precious."

Speaking at the launch event Australian marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse
said, "The 'Every Bucket Counts' campaign is a fantastic opportunity for
Australians to show we care about saving water. The calculators reveal how
simple it is to make a difference. Together let's save a million buckets of
water and make every one count."

The three calculators are:

Car washing
The size of your car (small, medium or large), how often and how you wash it
are among the kinds of information keyed in for this calculator. With the
press of the 'calculate' button find out how much water you can save by
using a low flow cleaner, or a waterless car wash.

Rainwater tanks
Not sure how much rain you get or how much you can collect from your roof?
Don't worry, the 'Every Bucket Counts' calculator is very smart! It knows
how much average rainfall you get according to your postcode, how much rain
can be collected over a year for your roof size and what the saving will be
according to the size of the proposed rainwater tank. The water collected by
your rainwater tank can then be used in your garden, laundry or toilets,
saving mains water for drinking.

Swimming pool covers
Simply key in the size of your pool and some other simple facts such as the
number of times it is used and topped up, then the number of litres of water
saved from evaporation with a pool cover is calculated. Using your postcode,
this calculator can even tell you if you are likely to get enough rain to
keep your pool filled through the year!

"On average people across Australia use around 23 buckets of drinking
quality water each per day*. This drinking water is too precious to waste so
we encourage people to make simple changes in their lives by using water
saving products around their home as well as offering their pledge in the
'Every Bucket Counts' campaign," says Julian Gray.

Visit http://www.smartwatermark.org to use the new calculators, for a full
list of products and services, or more information about the Mark.

- Ends -

Smart Approved WaterMark CEO, Julian Gray, (02) 9290 3322 or 0407 406 973

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's water saving labelling program for
products and services that are helping to reduce outdoor water use. It is
the sister scheme to the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) for indoor
products. The Smart WaterMark is run by the Water Services Association of
Australia, Irrigation Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia
and the Australian Water Association with funding from the Australian
Government's Water Smart Australia programme through the Department of the
Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

National Water Week runs 19-25 October 2008 and is sponsored by Smart
Approved WaterMark. This year's theme is Clean Water: Essential for Life!

WaterAid Australia is an international charity whose mission is to overcome
poverty by enabling the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water,
sanitation and hygiene education.

* Figures on domestic water use are taken from the Major Urban Water
Utilities' National Performance Report 2006-07. The national average is 23
buckets per person per day. We've assumed that a bucket holds nine litres of
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