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The final par of the ABC's media statement (third document copied 
below) was truncated as I received it. But I now see it contains a 
web link to the full schedule for RN in 2009 which I said in my 
earlier message was only available as a formatted file which could 
not be attached. So, this message provides three key documents and 
link to another.

Peter Pockley

Change summary

Programs which end:
The Ark
In Conversation
Media Report
Radio Eye
Religion Report
Short Story (remains on air with no new production)
Sports Factor
Street Stories

New programming:
Archival (broadly-based; 1600 Saturday & 0600 Sunday)
Feature program (1400 Saturday & 1300 Wednesday; also online)
FORA Radio (1800 Monday)
Futures Report (0830 Thursday)
Sunday Profile (Ex-Local Radio; 1305 Sunday)

Timeslots with major alteration
0830 weekdays (revised line-up and rpt at 0030)
1900 weekdays (revised line-up)
2000 Mon-Thurs (8.30s etc replaced by Book Show)
0005 Monday-Thursday (Book Show replaced by 8.30s & Aspac)

Continuing programs which alter (in form, duration or timeslot):
Airplay (extended duration and different rpt timeslot)
Artworks Feature (different rpt timeslot)
Australia Talks (3 days)
Book Show (new repeat time)
Movietime (new first broadcast)
Rear Vision (slightly extended with new first broadcast, and new Sunday time)
Rhythm Divine (slightly extended and new rpt timeslot 0500 Sunday)
Saturday Extra (new rpt timeslot, replacing By Design rpt)
Verbatim (new timeslot)
Bush Telegraph (new rpt timeslot at 0100)
Asia Pacific (new first broadcast at 0030)

From:  Mae Gannon
Sent: Monday, 13 October 2008 2:55 PM
To: Mae Gannon
Subject: 2009 schedule

Dear colleagues,

As promised last week, here is a copy of the 2009 schedule, plus a 
summary of the on-air changes involved. You will see that there are a 
number of shows that will not be recommissioned for next year, and a 
fair amount of movement among other shows.

There will be a major alteration to the 8.30s strip, which will 
change from Wednesday to Friday, with the introduction of a new 
program with a working title of the 'Future Report', plus the 
introduction of Rear Vision and Movietime to this key strip. A draft 
brief for the futures program will be circulated tomorrow. The other 
single biggest change will be the introduction of a new features 
program + online features capacity (replacing Radio Eye and Street 
Stories in their current incarnations).

Among the many intended outcomes of these changes, they will allow us 
to convert a small number positions into roles with a stronger online 
editorial focus, to provide general enhancements to our website, and 
to expand our collective skill base. We will provide information on 
these opportunities within the next couple of days, and will also be 
circulating news of work opportunities for 2009 + process details 
fairly shortly.

Decisions to wind up programs are never easy. All of our shows are 
made with passion and care, and each have their devoted following. 
While we think we have good reason for each of these decisions, there 
are risks which we acknowledge. We also want to acknowledge, most 
sincerely, the program-makers who have worked so hard on each of the 
affected programs. Thank you very much to each of you.

2008 has been a good year for Radio National, and here's to 2009 and beyond.

[Dr Jane Connors, head of Radio National]

From: "ABC Communications" <aboutupdate at your.abc.net.au>
To: <telledge at bigpond.net.au>
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 6:32 PM
Subject: ABC Media Release: ABC Radio National confirms 2009 broadcast

ABC Media Release: ABC Radio National confirms 2009 broadcast schedule
ABC Radio National today confirmed its program schedule for 2009, which
starts Monday 26 January. The network returns with its highly respected
diversity of programs presented by leading broadcasters including Fran
Kelly, Phillip Adams, Geraldine Doogue, Robyn Williams, Norman Swan, Rachael
Kohn, Ramona Koval, Alan Saunders, Richard Aedy and Michael Duffy.

The major change to the 2009 schedule will be to the daily 8.30am reports.
Mondays and Tuesdays see the return of the Health Report and the Law Report
respectively. These two programs will be joined by Rear Vision, moved to
Wednesdays and replacing the Religion Report - it takes a look at the
history of events in the news, and a new program replacing the Media Report
on Thursdays - the Future Report (working title) a program that will focus
on current world trends of globalisation, communication technologies, and
the shifting cultural, social, political and economic responses. On Fridays,
Movietime will move in featuring Julie Riggs film culture reviews and
interviews replacing Sports Factor.

Along with an increase to the amount of radio drama on offer with an
extended Airplay program on Friday nights, a major development for the
network will be the introduction of a new radio features program and an
increase in online features content. While this exciting development sees
current programs Radio Eye and Street Stories finish later in the year,
these program changes allow ABC Radio National to convert a small number of
positions into roles with a stronger online and digital editorial focus and
to enable general enhancements to the networks website.

ABC Radio National Manager Dr Jane Connors said Decisions to wind up
programs are never easy, as all of the networks shows are made with passion
and care, and each have their devoted following. The move of resources and
staff, and without job losses, into the development of new content offered
in new ways, including online, means ABC Radio National can respond to its
hugely successful digital growth and shift in audience trends, especially
amongst younger audiences.

The statistics on ABC Radio Nationals digital performance are outstanding
and contribute greatly in placing the ABC as a major digital broadcast
player internationally.

In 2006, just a year after the network began offering podcasts, ABC Radio
National had a monthly average of 765,000 podcast downloads, representing
55% or the ABCs total monthly average on 1.36 million. This year, to
September, the networks monthly average is 1.7 million podcasts
downloaded - 50% of the ABCs overall average of 3.37 million - a monthly
average increase for ABC Radio National of 125%. ABC Radio National radio
programs attract an audience aged 50+ years or older, while online audiences
for ABC Radio National are under 50.

onal and with the planned changes, 2009 offers growth in the depth and
breadth of its content available, delivered in ways audiences enjoy. Dr
Connors said.

Click here
a copy
of the planned 2009 program schedule.) for a copy of the planned 2009
program schedule.

For further information contact:

Nicola Fern, Marketing Manager ABC Radio National
PH: (03) 9626 1758 or 0418 494 252 E: fern.nicola at abc.net.au

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