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Michelle Riedlinger michelle at econnect.com.au
Mon Sep 1 22:36:10 UTC 2008

The Brisbane Writers Festival (September 17-21) is full of science this
year! In partnership with BWF, The University of Queensland is presenting a
number of science events.

Here is a sample:

The Ultimate Seachange: The Future of the Reef
Saturday 20th September, 2:00PM-3:00PM, Slq Auditorium 1
Alanna Mitchell and J.E.N Veron
Alanna Mitchell, prize-winning journalist and author of the internationally
acclaimed Dancing at the Dead Sea: Tracking the World's Environmental
Hotspots, discusses the future of the world’s coral reefs with J.E.N Veron,
recipient of the 2004 Darwin Medal of the International Society for Reef
Presented by the University of Queensland

The Next Frontier: The Miracles of the Brain
Thursday 18th September, 3:40PM-4:40PM, slq The Marquee
Norman Doidge
Susan Wyndham
ch: Pankaj Sah
Stories from the frontiers of brain science, including Canadian
psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, essayist, poet, and author of The
Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge.
Presented by the University of Queensland

Seasick: The Hidden Ecological Crisis of the Global Ocean (N3)
Thursday 18th September, 6.30PM-7.30PM, slq QLD Terrace
Alanna Mitchell
Named the best environmental reporter in the world by the Reuters Foundation
in 2000, Alanna Mitchell examines the deterioration of our oceans.

Ch: Joel Gilmore

Presented by BrisScience

Climate Wars
Slq Auditorium 1 (Saturday 20th September, 12:40-1:40pm)
Gwynne Dyer
Gwynne Dyer, journalist, columnist, author, broadcaster, and lecturer on
international affairs, gives a terrifying glimpse into the not-too-distant
future, when climate change may force nations into a struggle for survival.
Presented by Network Ten

And there is more to come...

Cheers, Michelle.

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