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*SYDNEY SCIENCE FORUM 2008  - The University of Sydney

*Zebra Societies and Conservation: Different Types for Different Stripes
presented by Professor Dan Rubenstein of Princeton University, USA*

Come along on a fascinating journey across the African landscape, as
visiting professor Dan Rubenstein of Princeton University shares with us his
research on zebra societies and their conservation. A heavyweight in the
world of biology, Professor Rubenstein has been studying zebra communities
in Kenya for over 20 years. He recently developed a novel animal tracking
system, ZebraNet, an interdisciplinary effort between computer scientists
and biologists, which uses energy-efficient, GPS-enabled collars to track
networks of zebras and record data about it's wearer's location, movements
and interactions with other collared zebras. Importantly, he works closely
with the local people to teach them about their role in the conservation of
some of the world's most-loved animals. Learn more about this research at
the Sydney Science Forum, where Prof Rubenstein will explore the ability of
different zebra societies to withstand human-induced environmental change,
and how working with local communities to reduce their impact on the
landscape can foster environmentally friendly economic development. It will
be a colourful and entertaining presentation – don't miss it!

Afterwards, enjoy a photo exhibition over a glass of wine in the Eastern Ave

*Wednesday 10 September, 2008
5:45pm – 7:00pm
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, The University of Sydney*
followed by a cocktail reception in the Eastern Ave Foyer

*Bookings required for catering purposes: *
email ssf at science.usyd.edu.au with number of seats required
or phone (02) 9351 3021
or register online at

*About Professor Dan Rubenstein*
Professor Dan Rubenstein is an internationally noted academic and expert on
African wildlife, specialisng in equids including zebras, horses and
donkeys. He is Chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Princeton
University, and his latest research examines how migratory animals respond
to human-induced changes in the land, such as the removal of a water source.
Prof Rubenstein has starred in Champions of the Wild on Animal Plant, and
will be giving away signed copies of his DVD on the night.

*Faculty of Science Events
The University of Sydney*
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