[ASC-list] SYDNEY: Wednesday 17th talk on evolution, ethics, yours truly

John August johna at babel.apana.org.au
Fri Sep 12 13:11:23 UTC 2008

I'll be giving a talk on evolution, ethics and evolutionary psychology at
philorum, a philosophy forum which meets at the Gaelic Club near central - 64
Devonshire Street, at the top of the stairs.  6.15 for 6.30.  Patronise the

see www.philorum.org

I've no qualifications apart from my interest and ethusiasm, but I have had
an interest in this for some time.

How does evolution work ?  How could it have shaped behaviour ?  Perhaps
there were side effects, the so called spandrels.

Then you've sexual selection and sexual dimorphism, and how we compare to
other primates - including the bonobo chimpanzees.

Then you've ethics and moral psychology - how "real" is altruism ?  Where do
our ideas of right and wrong come from ?  And what can we tell from the fact
that we cooperate ?

All this - and more - on Wednesday.


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