[ASC-list] SE Qld: Sci com position at Queensland Institute for Medical Research

Michelle Riedlinger michelle at econnect.com.au
Mon Sep 29 01:38:07 UTC 2008

For those of you who may be interested:
The Queensland Institute of Medical Research, located in Brisbane, is
seeking an experienced science communicator to join their external relations
It is a wonderful opportunity for someone who is passionate about
disseminating complex scientific information to general audiences - that is
general community/ governments etc, in an engaging way.
For more information please see: 
This web page has details of people to contact if more information is
Applications close 3rd October (apologies for the late notice).
This is a great opportunity to work with world-leading scientists and the
greater community in an effort to increase interest and understanding of
science and also the Institute. 
Cheers, Melina
Dr Melina Georgousakis
Research Officer
Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
melina.georgousakis at qimr.edu.au

Dr Michelle Riedlinger
Econnect Communication
07 3846 7111
0400 577 843
michelle at econnect.com.au
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