[ASC-list] French science communicator looking for volunteer work in Australia

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Tue Apr 7 06:10:20 UTC 2009

Amelie Lorec is a young French woman currently travelling in Australia. She
has a background in marine science, but before coming to Australia worked as
a science communicator and journalist at the University Paris Descartes. 


She has spent her first couple of months in Australia in 'home stays'
improving her English. She is now very keen to develop her science
communication skills through volunteer work. She is currently based in
Brisbane but is willing to travel anywhere. 


She likes to write (although she says her written English is not as good as
her spoken English) and talk with people and is passionate about science.


If you're interested in Amelie working with you, please contact her direct
on amelie.lorec at gmail.com


I have met with Amelie, and she is charming and articulate.



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