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Julian Cribb jcribb at work.netspeed.com.au
Mon Apr 13 00:30:02 UTC 2009

Delivering the news about science
SciNews is pleased to announce the upgrade of Australia's leading science media delivery service. 

Scientific organisations wishing to inform general, specialist or international media of new discoveries, advances, technologies, events and conferences are invited to explore the new efficiency and economies of scale offered by Australia's most advanced science communication engine. 

- Designed specifically for S&T users 
- Continuously-updated list of more than 2000 specialist media, industry and science contacts 
- Flat fee of 40 cents per email sent. Special rates for bulk users. No other charges. 
- Simple to use. Pay online. 
- Tested and developed over 6 years with over 600 releases issued on behalf of more than 70 scientific organisations.

For more information: http://www.scinews.com.au/faqs.html

Apply for a free SciNews account at: http://www.scinews.com.au/apply.html

Julian Cribb & Michael Macdonald

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