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Mon Aug 10 04:58:51 UTC 2009

Hunting for Antimatter - Nobel Prize 
in Physics 2008
6.30pm, 20 August 
Slade Lecture 
Theatre, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Camperdown campus

Why is there something instead of nothing? Why are there so many 
different elementary particles? Is it safe to shake hands with an alien from 
another galaxy??

Last year’s Nobel Laureates in Physics have presented 
theoretical insights that give us a deeper understanding of what happens far 
inside the tiniest building blocks of matter.

Dr Kevin Varvell will give 
an entertaining overview of the science behind last year’s Nobel Prize in 
Dr Varvell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Physics. After being fascinated by the 
subatomic world as an undergraduate in Perth, he 
obtained a DPhil in the subject in the UK and has since then been chasing 
the secrets of the fundamental building blocks of matter through experiments at 
CERN, Fermilab and KEK.http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/about/news_items/news_items15.shtmSupported by the AIP.RSVP: 9351 3472 or outreach at physics.usyd.edu.au with your name and the number of seats required.
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