[ASC-list] CSIRO Perfidy?

Chris Forbes-Ewan forbes-ewan at tassie.net.au
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I haven't read Geoff Russell's book, but as a professional nutritionist I am
intensely aware of the 'Total Wellbeing Diet'.  

This book has been criticised by nutritionists for the relatively high
levels of red meat and processed meat it allows, but the authors are
reputable nutritionists and I believe that its recommendations are generally
orthodox and sensible.

Can you summarise the 'no holds barred' critique by Russell? I'd be
interested in hearing what he says.

While on the subject of books about weight control, I've just read 'Sweet
Poison' by David Gillespie. The trigger for this was an Ockham's Razor
program by Gillespie in which he summarised his arguments for believing (or
more to the point, stating) that consumption of fructose is the major cause
of the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, type 2 diabetes,
and several cancers. The transcript of his program is available at:


I'm not at all convinced that fructose (a component of sugar) is the root of
all evil. I will submit an Ockham's Razor program to the ABC in a few weeks.
My program will question the strength of the evidence Gillespie has put
forward as irrefutable.

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G'day ASCers

I have been reading with great interest a book titled 'CSIRO Perfidy' 
by Adelaide author Geoff Russell - http://perfidy.com.au

The book (a 'no holds barred' critique of the CSIRO's best-selling 
'Total Wellbeing Diet') contains a number of very disturbing claims 
about the CSIRO's corporate and scientific behaviour.

I have not seen any response from the CSIRO to Russell's claims (but 
I would be interested to see a response). Nor have I attempted to 
verify (or falsify) Russell's claims.

All I feel can do at this stage is suggest to the working science (& 
medical) journalists on this list that the book is definitely worth 
reading, and worth asking some questions about.


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