[ASC-list] CSIRO Perfidy?

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I think there's room to be a bit more sceptical about Geoff Russell's
book. I've seen his commentaries on Crikey over the years. 

And it only took a few minutes with Professor Google to find rebuttals. 

Geoff made these claims last year in an article for the Monthly:

At the time in the SMH CSIRO scientist Manny Noakes said, 

"She said yesterday: "We will continue to look at all the evidence. The
WCRF report suggests one thing but we understand that a large study in
the United States due to be released soon shows no relationship between
red meat and colorectal cancer."


There's a few others. 

Geoff and others may have a point about the amount of protein in the
Well Being Diet. But constructing a conspiracy theory around it is a
long stretch. 

And of course Geoff is on a mission. He is a vigorous animal rights and
vegetarian campaigner

That's not a criticism.

But science isn't done, or broken in these kinds of polemic books be it 

	The vegetarian's expose on red meat
	The lawyer's expose of the poison of sugar

	Or the geologist's expose of the climate change fraud. 

All interesting books but none I suspect are really useful contributors
to an evidence-based discussion of these issues. 

Ps - I've included the lawyer's expose because he has a similar attack
on the scientists. In his case it's Jennie Brand-Miller and the
glycaemic index. I trust Jennie. 

Pps - Disclosure - I advise various parts of CSIRO on communication from
time to time but never in this area. 



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G'day ASCers

I have been reading with great interest a book titled 'CSIRO Perfidy' 
by Adelaide author Geoff Russell - http://perfidy.com.au

The book (a 'no holds barred' critique of the CSIRO's best-selling
'Total Wellbeing Diet') contains a number of very disturbing claims
about the CSIRO's corporate and scientific behaviour.

I have not seen any response from the CSIRO to Russell's claims (but I
would be interested to see a response). Nor have I attempted to verify
(or falsify) Russell's claims.

All I feel can do at this stage is suggest to the working science (&
medical) journalists on this list that the book is definitely worth
reading, and worth asking some questions about.


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