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 WCSJ <http://www.wcsj2009.org/newsletter/images/banner3.jpg> 



World Conference of Science Journalists in London UK, 30 June - 2 July 2009 




Scholarship Application Launched 


The WCSJ2009 committee invites applications from working journalists (staff
or freelance from print, broadcast, online) for a limited number of Travel

These will cover travel, 6 nights accommodation (for scholars who live
outside London) from Sunday 28th June to Saturday 4th July 2009 and full
registration for the 6th World Conference of Science Journalists (30th June
- 2nd July 2009), with workshops on 29th June, and post-conference trips to
sites of scientific interest on 3rd July 2009. 


The deadline for applications will be 28th February, and successful
candidates will be notified by 31st March 2009. 


To apply for a Travel Scholarship, please
aXBfYXBwbGljYXRpb25fZm9ybS5waHA%3D> click here
aXBfYXBwbGljYXRpb25fZm9ybS5waHA%3D> .


Top Names Confirmed for Programme


Ian Katz, Executive Editor of the UK's Guardian Newspaper is the latest
speaker confirmed for WCSJ2009. Katz will speak in the plenary 'Editors:
what future for science?' a session that will explore what the future holds
for science journalism. Is it alive and healthy or is the recent culling of
the entire science, technology, and environment news staff at CNN indicative
of a wider trend? For the New Media Plenary founder of Google News, Krishna
Bharat is on board. How will news be delivered in the future? Who is
controlling the news agenda in the internet age? To keep up to date with
programme developments visit our website www.wcsj2009.org
=6&NID=57110&EmID=11583991&Link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy53Y3NqMjAwOS5vcmcv> , sign up
for the RSS feed of our blog or follow our Co-Director Sallie Robins, on
twitter (srPR). 




Post Conference Trips

Friday 3rd July 


The National
Oceanography Centre, Southampton is the latest research institution to lay
on a trip for Conference delegates.   Visit the Centre to learn more about
the UK's national research vessel fleet from RSS James Cook to the
Autosub6000 autonomous underwater vehicle.   WCSJ trips are free to all
conference delegates and provide direct access to scientists at some of the
UK's top research institutes, providing immediate stories and long term
contacts. Visit our website
ZXJlbmNlX3RyaXBzLnBocA%3D%3D>  for details of all trips and to register your
interest in attending. 


Sponsors Welcome 


Welcome to our first two Silver Sponsors!


We are delighted to welcome our first two Silver Sponsors Johnson & Johnson
PWEjX21zb2NvbV8x>  and Research Councils UK.  Thanks are also due to several
other new sponsors: European School of Oncology, supporting a workshop on
"Informing attitudes and beliefs about cancer" and a parallel session on
"Reporting cancer breakthroughs: striking the right note", British Council
Darwin Now, for supporting a session on "Media coverage of evolution", the
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), NWO (The
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and VWN (Dutch Association
of Science Journalists) for travel scholarships, Canada Foundation for
Innovation for a workshop "from Quantum to Cosmos, and highlights of
Canadian research", the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships for generous
support for speakers, and UNESCO for a workshop on climate change. Finally,
we welcome on board our first media partner, the Science and Development


If you would like to support the conference, please see the Support WCSJ2009
section below.


What Our Supporters Say


'J & J PRD wants to play a significant role in the support of science
writers because we think it is an essential part of our mission. Worldwide
we have a group of about 20,000 people in research and development whether
it is in Pharma, devices and diagnostics or in our consumer group. These are
dedicated scientists who believe that their work can be beneficial to
patients across the Globe. Their work can only be understood and explained
or even admired if the right independant people communicate about it. The
conference deserves the full support because it underlines this commitment
to open and correct science writing and does so from a global perspective'. 
Frederik Wittock, Director of Communications, Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceutical
Research and Development  


'The British Council works to encourage the international exchange of
knowledge and ideas and that is why we are delighted to support the World
Conference of Science Journalists. The session we are supporting is part of
our Darwin Now initiative, a year-long programme that engages people from
all over the world to explore evolutionary theory and the interplay between
science and society. We look forward to creating a thought-provoking space
in the conference for this dialogue to take place, and I am sure the session
will be of great relevance to science journalists who are reporting on the
many facets that the Darwin anniversary celebrations this year have to
Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker, Head of the Darwin Now project, British Council 



Support WCSJ2009


The Conference relies on support from its funders and sponsors to ensure the
Conference is a success and that it delivers on all its objectives.

If your organisation would be interested in being a key part of this
Conference, please visit the Sponsorship page
cy5waHA%3D>  on our website for more information. 


Media Partner


As part of our commitment to supporting science journalism in developing
countries, we are pleased to announce SciDev.Net's participation in the 6th
World Conference of Science Journalists in 2009 as an official media
partner. The leading source of news, views and information about science and
technology in the developing world,
SciDev.Net (The Science and Development Network) is dedicated to building
capacity for communicating science through its regional networks, practical
guides and training workshops. WSCJ2009 and SciDev.Net look forward to
working together in the coming months to bring this world-class event to a
global audience.



Join Our Mailing List

More information on all the thought provoking topics, sessions and speakers
that are planned for the conference will be announced via these conference
newsletter updates. 

To ensure that you are kept up to date with the plans for the conference and
if you didn't receive this email directly from us, make sure you sign up to
our mailing list
LnBocA%3D%3D> . You will then receive all future conference updates directly
to your inbox! 

Please also feel free to forward this email on to your colleagues who may
also be interested in the conference. 

Meet the Conference Directors in Chicago   


Julie Clayton and Sallie Robins along with many others behind WCSJ2009 will
be in Chicago for the AAAS
on Wed 11th Feb - Sun 15th Feb.   Visit us at our exhibition stand (booth
1318) and come along to the press briefing on Friday 13th Feb 4pm in the
Press Room, to hear more about the programme from President of the World
Federation of Science Journalists and BBC Science Correspondent Pallab
Ghosh, and for a discussion 'Science Journalism in Crisis?' with views from
the UK, USA and Developing World.. a taste of things to come in London 2009.

Book Now!   


Bookings are now open for the World Conference in London 2009! 


There are substantial discounts for Association of British Science Writers
(ABSW) members and those who are members of an association which is a World
Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) member, and Early Bird registration

Book now
LnBocA%3D%3D> to ensure you take advantage of the generous registration


We look forward to seeing you in London,

WCSJ2009 Conference Steering Group 




Conference Office:
WCSJ2009 | Benchmark Communications | 14 Blandford Square | Newcastle upon
Tyne | NE1 4HZ | UK 
T: +44 (0)191 241 4523 | F: +44 (0)191 245 3802 | E: info at wcsj2009.org | W:

We wish to acknowledge the support of the following organisations who
provided seed funding to help us in the early stages of development of the

Nature, The Royal Society, Wellcome Trust, World Federation of Science

Thanks also to our partners who have provided a donation or grant in support
of the WCSJ 2009: 


Burroughs Wellcome Fund 


And finally thanks to our sponsors:




 ABSW <http://www.wcsj2009.org/newsletter/images/logos/ABSW_logo.gif> 

 WFSJ <http://www.wcsj2009.org/newsletter/images/logos/WFSJ_logo.gif> 

 SciDev Net

 SciDev Net <http://www.wcsj2009.org/newsletter/images/logos/AEA_group.gif> 



 Imperial College London

 AlphaGalileo Foundation
















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