[ASC-list] Free ANZAAS science talk, Melbourne, Wednesday 18th February, 8:00pm

David Vaux D.Vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Mon Feb 9 23:13:27 UTC 2009

ANZAAS Vic Science Talk, Free, all welcome (booking not needed)
Free pizza and drinks after the talk

At: Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), in the grounds of University High
School, 1H Royal Parade Parkville, off Storey Street

Wednesday 18th February 2009, at 8 pm

Professor Neil Watkins

Centre for Cancer Research Monash Institute of Medical Research

"Hedgehogs, cancer and one-eyed sheep"
Over the past 30 years, thinking about cancer has focussed on how tumour
cells are able to abnormally replicate, while at the same time evade
programmed cell death. Although attacking cancer cells with chemotherapy and
radiotherapy is effective in some cases, these treatments do not target the
most basic property of all cancers, the ability to remake themselves over
and over. This property, known as self-renewal, is normally limited to stem
cells during embryonic development, and to organ repair in adults. A
different approach to cancer is to therapeutically target the pathways that
regulate self-renewal, and thus understand how tumours hijack normal stem
cell properties in their quest for immortality. One of the most important of
these stem cell signals, the Hedgehog pathway, is critical for normal stem
cell function, and for the acquisition of abnormal self renewal in cancer. A
plant derived Hedgehog inhibitor, identified because of its ability to
induce birth defects in sheep, has formed the basis for a new therapeutic
approach to treating cancer.

Use the Royal Melbourne Hospital tram stop in Royal parade. Parking
available at RMH, University of Melbourne, and designated places in Park
Drive, Royal Parade & Storey Street

***We are pleased to acknowledge the support by GTAC, CSL and La Trobe
University University for the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks series***

Further Info:
Peter Kemeny:  Tel: 0409 028 165
               email peter.kemenyATgmail.com



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