[ASC-list] Two books on science communication: a review

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Fri Jan 16 00:27:46 UTC 2009

A review of two recent books on science communication has been  
published in Journal of Science Communication.

Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology and  
Communicating Science in Social Contexts: New models, new practices  
were published by Routledge and Springer respectively.

The full review is available at:


Here's an extract:

"The books share several characteristics, such as the willingness to  
take both a theoretical analysis on
science communication’s models and a broad view on communicative  
practices and practitioners. We
could see this multiple focus also from the point of view of the three  
categories Massimiano Bucchi and
Brian Trench propose in the introductive chapter of the Handbook of  
Public Communication of Science
and Technology: actors, arenas and issues. Who is involved in science  
communication, in what spaces
does the communication flow and what challenges and controversies are  
at stake in those processes?
Finally, both books try to demonstrate that several science  
communication models coexist in
contemporary societies, call them as you prefer: linear, dialogical,  
top-down, participatory, deficit model."

Thanks to Nico Pitrelli for suggesting this link to us.

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