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AccessNano Professional Development - Canberra

The new teacher resource that brings nanotechnology to the following units:
    * Applied Science A: Science Fact or Fiction, Consumer Science
    * General Science: Living in the 21st Century, Consumer Chemistry, Chemistry Around Us, Atoms and Elements, The Mole Acids and Bases
    * Physics: Engineering Physics, Fluid Physics, Engineering and Fluid Physics, Atomic Physics, Medical Physics
    * Chemistry: Introductory Chemistry, The Mole, Water and Reactions in Solutions, Organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry

First ten booked attendees will have their teacher release costs paid for

AccessNano (www.accessnano.org) is the new online resource providing experiments, guides and presentations for teachers of years 7-12 to address the emerging field of nanotechnology in the classroom. Attendees will receive a bound hardcopy printout and CD copy of the resource and get to talk to nanotechnology experts from academia and industry. Presented by co-developer of the AccessNano resource and winner of the 2007 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools, Francesca Calati.

Where:  CSIRO Green Machine, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Black Mountain Laboratories, Clunies Ross Street, ACTON. When: Tuesday 16 June, 9am-3.30pm. Bookings: 6246 5296.

Cost: Free. This event will be catered.
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