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BrisScience Reminder
 From ape to human: Clues about the evolution of the human mind
Celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday and 150 years since the  
publication of
“On the origin of species”
Associate Professor Thomas Suddendorf, School of Psychology,The  
University of Queensland
How did the human mind evolve? Ever since Darwin, this has been one of  
the greatest puzzles in science. Since minds do not fossilize,  
scholars are often looking at our closest surviving relatives for  
clues. What mental capacities do we share with other apes, what sets  
us apart and how did this gap come about? This presentation reviews  
recent research on selected cognitive abilities in apes and discusses  
how these results can help us reconstruct the evolution of the human  
    * Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm (Doors open at 6pm)
    * Venue: Ithaca Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall
    * Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies  
following the talk, and Thomas will be available to answer any  
    * Questions? Contact Lynelle (l.ross at smp.uq.edu.au)

Thomas Suddendorf was born and raised in Germany but spend most of his  
adult life further South.
He completed his Ph.D. in 1998 under supervision of Prof. Michael  
Corballis at the University of Auckland before taking up a position at  
The University of Queensland where he is currently Reader in the  
School of Psychology.
His research interests include the cognitive abilities of primates and  
young children, and the evolution of the human mind. Of particular  
interest to him are representational capacities such as those related  
to understanding of self, time and mind.
Recent publications include ‘The evolution of foresight’ with Michael  
Corballis (Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2007); ‘Do chimpanzees (Pan  
troglodytes) and two-year-old children (Homo sapiens) understand  
double invisible displacement?’ with Emma Collier-Baker (Journal of  
Comparative Psychology, 2006); ‘Self-recognition beyond the face’ with  
Virginia Slaughter and Mark Nielsen (Child Development, 2006), and  
‘Foresight and evolution of the human mind’ (Science, 2006).
He recently received the Early Career Award of the Academy of the  
Social Sciences in Australia and the Frank A. Beach Award of the  
American Psychological Association.

This event is free and open to all. No RSVP necessary
20 July Dr Jesse Shore - Living at the speed of light

17 August - INTECOL 09 International Ecology Panel Discussion. The  
10th International Congress of Ecology (www.intecol10.org/) is to be  
held in Brisbane from 16 - 21 August 2009. In conjunction with INTECOL  
we will be hosting a Public lecture & panel discussion focused on  
Urban Ecology, sustainable urban planning and development and the  
responsibility of ecologists in securing our future.
Speakers include:
* A/Prof. Paige Warren, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
* Dr Mark McDonnell - Director, Australian Research Centre for Urban  
* Dr Darryl Jones - Director, Centre for Innovation Conservation  
Strategies, Griffith University
* Prof. Hugh Possingham - Director, The Ecology Centre, The University  
of Queensland as MC

September (Date to be confirmed) - Our Annual Brisbane Writers  
Festival talk

12 October - Dr Michael Murphy from Swinburne University - Topic to be  
confirmed (Astrophysics)

November - Dr Rod Rietze from Queensland Brain Institute at The  
University of Queensland

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