[ASC-list] World Conference of Science Journalists - what's it all about?

Wilson da Silva wfdasilva at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 04:04:21 UTC 2009

Dear all,

If you're thinking of attending the 6th World Conference of Science
Journalists in London, now's the time to register and plan your trip.

It will bring established and aspiring reporters, writers and science
communicators from around the world to debate, network, develop their
professional skills and report on the latest advances in science and
technology. In London from 30 June - 2 July 2009.

Among the speakers: Iain M.Banks; John Beddington, UK Chief Scientific
Adviser; Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News; Neuroscientist Colin
Blakemore; Pulitzer Prizewinner science writer Deborah Blum; Leszek
Borysiewicz, CEO of the UK's Medical Research Council; Sarah Boseley,
Health Editor, The Guardian; Andrew Revkin, Environment Reporter, The
New York Times; Philip Campbell, Editor-in -Chief, Nature; Damian
Carrington, Head of Environment, The Guardian & The Observer; Laura
Chang, Science Editor, The New York Times; Andrew Cohen, Editor, BBC
Horizon; Clive Cookson, Science Editor, Financial Times; Patrick
Cunningham, Chief Scientific Adviser, Ireland; Paul Drayson, Minister
for Science and Innovation, UK; Matin Durrani, Editor, Physics World;
Daniel Franklin, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist; Pallab Ghosh, Science
Correspondent, BBC; Ben Goldacre, 'Bad Science' Columnist, The
Guardian; James Harding, Editor, The Times; Phil Hilts, Director,
Knight Science Journalism Fellowships; Richard Horton,
Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet; Fred Kavli, Founder and Chairman, The
Kavli Foundation; Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Chair, Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change; Richard Lane, Director of Science, Natural
History Museum; Jeremy Webb, Editor, New Scientist; Mike Lazaridis,
President and Co-CEO, Research in Motion (Blackberry maker); Robert
Lee Hotz, Science Columnist, The Wall Street Journal; Jeremy Leggett,
Founder and Chairman, Solarcentury; Robert May, former President of
The Royal Society & former Chief Scientific Adviser, UK; Chris Rapley,
Director, Science Museum; Martin Rees, UK Astronomer Royal; John
Rennie, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American; Roland Schenkel,
Director General, Joint Research Centre; Tom Siegrfried,
Editor-in-Chief, Science News; Simon Singh, Science journalist,
broadcaster and author; Chris Smith, The Naked Scientists; Richard
Stone, Asia Editor, Science Magazine; Mike Stratton, Head, Cancer
Genome Project; Kip Thorne, Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics;
Neil Turok, Director, Perimeter Institute; and John Gribbin, science

Register now!
For more details visit: www.wcsj2009.org

The video has just been released - "London Calling"

- Full speakers' list - http://www.wcsj2009.org/programme_speakers.php
- Post-conference trips - http://www.wcsj2009.org/post-conference_trips.php
- The programme - http://www.wcsj2009.org/programme_timetable.php


Wilson da Silva
Editor, COSMOS magazine

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