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Many ASC list members may already be aware of Richard Milner's 'Charles
Darwin, Live in Concert'. 

Those who are not might like to watch the video available at:


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This is a curious thing and worth sharing. Have a look at the Nano Song
(http://www.nanosong.com/) and ponder who the possible appreciative
audiences might be. There have probably been various other recently
performed science songs but mainly for specialist audiences. The CERN hip
hop song comes to mind but that seemed amateurish compared to this simple
yet tuneful and amusing production (I admit I'm not a big hip hop fan but I
will admire a well written and performed piece). 


(Chris Krishna-Pillay's science cabaret songs are excellent but I'm thinking
more of stand-alone tunes.)


The news items is from 'Innovations: Research & News from Berkeley



A music video that playfully celebrates all things nano has become a megahit
for three Berkeley Engineering graduate students and their Cal team. Written
and composed by 27-year-old Applied Science & Technology student Ryan
Miyakawa, 'The Nano Song' (http://www.nanosong.com/) swept a recent American
Chemical Society (ACS) competition and continues to go viral. It's captured
hundreds of thousands of views and was featured on YouTube's front page. "I
definitely didn't expect it to be this big," says Glory Liu, a 20-year-old
political economy and classics major who stars in the production, alongside
a handful of Muppet-style puppets. "People I have never talked to stop me
and say, 'Hey, you're the Nano Girl.'"





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