[ASC-list] Minds engaged? Requesting contacts working in bio-mass to bio-fuel processes

Prismatic Sciences jesse at prismaticsciences.com
Tue Jun 30 13:46:11 UTC 2009

Can anyone suggest the names of people working in bio-mass to bio-fuel
processes especially involving sugar-cane? A German research group has
developed methods (already on an engineering level) for the energetic use of
the residues of sugar-cane production for Mauritius. They have asked me
whether this could be of interest for the sugar-industry in North Queensland
and for names of people in Oz they should talk to about the process. They
think there is potential for a German-Australian program for this applied

I expect the CSIRO has a program or two in this area but I don't know anyone
specifically working on the topic.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Jesse Shore PhD
Science Communicator

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