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Dear ASCers,

This online briefing from the Shine Dome is bound to stretch the neurons
and will help you get your head around the weird world of Dark Energy
and expanding universes when the next breakthrough is made. They're
excellent speakers and Australia was an important part of the team that
discovered the existence of Dark Energy just over 10 years ago. No need
to RSVP - just tune in online when the time comes.



Susannah Eliott, CEO, AusSMC

Australian Science Media Centre

MEDIA ALERT:  Dark Energy and the fate of the Universe

ONLINE BACKGROUND BRIEFING - Friday 8 May at 10.40am AEST online

In the late 1990s astronomers discovered that the Universe wasn't
behaving as expected. They knew it was expanding, but thought that the
expansion should be slowing down over time. When they checked, however,
this wasn't the case. In fact, something seems to be pushing the
universe apart, faster and faster. Nobody knows what this "something"
is, but it must make up a very large fraction of the Universe, and how
it behaves will determine the ultimate fate of our Universe. This
invisible force has been called Dark Energy.


Australian researchers were amongst the first to discover Dark Energy
and we currently have the best technology in the world to test the many
Dark Energy theories. Over a four year period from 2006, the "WiggleZ
Dark Energy Survey" at the Anglo-Australian Telescope is measuring the
positions of 200,000 distant galaxies and is about to make its first set
of data available to the astronomical community. The expectation is that
the survey will give the first indication of the true nature of Dark
Energy and how it came to dominate over gravity.


Join this online background briefing to hear from several of the world's
top experts on Dark Energy and why it matters. They are gathered in
Canberra for the Australian Academy of Science's annual Shine Dome
event, Evolution of the
<http://www.science.org.au/sats2009/symposium.htm>  Universe, the
Planets, Life and Thought.


*                     Professor Brian Schmidt, Research School of
Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University

*                     Professor Mike Turner Departments of Astronomy and
Astrophysics, and Physics, University of Chicago

*                     Professor Matthew Colless is Director of the
Anglo-Australian Observatory, and a member of the research team involved
in the WiggleZ experiment



DATE:  Friday 8 May


DURATION: Approx 45 min

VENUE:  Online


Journalists can follow the briefing online via audio and video
streaming.  Each presenter will speak for 5-7 minutes followed by
questions. Journalists will have the opportunity to ask questions

1. Go to the briefing web portal by clicking
here 5 minutes before the start time or anytime during the briefing.
Alternatively go to www.aussmc.org and follow the links.

2. Enter your name and email address

3. Click "Join".

 (System requirements: You will need a broadband connection and
speakers/headphones to hear the event. Allow 1-2 mins for your computer
to be configured correctly, install ActiveX, if asked)

*Note* some Fairfax journalists may not be able to access the online
system due to a firewall issue. For phone only access please call: 1800
671 909. Enter meeting number 821 568 030 #. Wait for the prompt and
press #. Radio stations can also record the briefing over a phone line.
If you would like to make sure that you can connect, please contact us
to arrange a quick test before the day.

If you have any problems joining the briefing online, phone Webex on
1800 12 92 78 quoting event number 821 568 030.

Audio files will be posted on our website at www.aussmc.org as soon as
possible after the event.

For further information, please contact the AusSMC on 08 8207 7415 or
email info at aussmc.org.    

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