[ASC-list] Public Lecture on Human evolution and the atmosphere + ASC networking dinner 20 May 6pm (ACT)

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Mon May 11 00:18:21 UTC 2009

Come along to this public lecture, and then out to dinner with fellow science communicators in a new type of ASC event in Canberra.

We've decided to make the most of the excellent science lectures in Canberra by adding on a networking dinner for ASC members and friends.

Public lecture: 6pm at the ANU, Free
Dinner: 7.20pm at Seoul Palace, Northbourne Avenue, Civic
RSVP: not essential, but numbers for booking a table would be helpful, so email joanna.savill at csiro.au<mailto:joanna.savill at csiro.au>.

More details on the lecture:

Toyota Public Lecture
6-7 pm   20 May, 09
At the D.N.F. Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre, Building 39, Daley Rd., Australian National University

"Human Evolution And The Atmosphere: A Return To The Pliocene?"
Andrew Glikson
School of Archaeology and Anthropology & Research School of Earth Science
Australian National University

Seminar abstract
The evolution of Australopithecines and subsequently the Genus Homo from about 4.5 million years-ago was intimately related to an overall cooling trend associated with orbital forcing of the Milankovic cycles, which increased the amplitude of polarized glacial-interglacial cycles. These included extreme conditions which forced humans to migrate and adapt through development of sophisticated communications (language) and technological innovation, culminating in the mastering of fire and thereby increasing control of the environment. Since the 18th century, with the release into the atmosphere of over 300 billion tons of fossil carbon buried over hundreds of millions of years, fire is proving the "sting in the tail" of "Homo Prometheus". The consequent increase in atmospheric CO2 levels by nearly 40 percent since 1750 threatens the delicate carbon cycle balance of the atmosphere, which allowed the development of the large ice sheets some 34 million years ago and allowed the development of Neolithic agriculture and civilization from about 9500 years ago. Current climate trajectories are leading toward atmosphere/ocean conditions analogous to those of 3 million years-ago (mid-Pliocene). http://billboard.anu.edu.au/event_view.asp?id=42829

More details on the dinner: Seoul Palace http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/seoul_palace/ - mains between $13 and $17.

Canberra ASC networking event - Wondering who else is communicating science in Canberra? Wondering where they are, what they do, and what great ideas they can share?
Date: Thursday 4 June 2009
Time: 6:00pm
Location: King O'Malley's Irish Pub

Jo Savill
ASC ACT Branch
Ph 0410 996 158
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