[ASC-list] (QLD) National Archaeology Week unearths fascinating stories at Queensland Museum South Bank

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National Archaeology Week 

17 - 23 May 2009


Celebrate National Archaeology week at Queensland Museum South Bank,
with a rich program of talks, workshops, tours and displays. 


Meet Queensland Museum archaeologists, get up close to artefacts at our
Inquiry Centre, discover some of Brisbane's history before 'Brisvegas',
explore the evolution of human beings through a hands-on workshop, and
survey the museum for archaeological remnants with our People from the
Past trail.


For bookings and detailed program information click here
archaeology_week/> .


Feature events:


Evolving Humans - Workshop

The story of humanity's origins is recorded in a baffling series of
fossil bones and stone artefacts that span back to 7 million years ago.
In this workshop we examine through a hands-on study of fossil casts our
early origins, beginning with the Australopithecines through to the
multiple extinction events of earlier humans. This includes the Eurasian
Neanderthals, Asia's Homo erectus and Flores' hobbit leading up to the
emergence of modern humans, Homo sapiens, in Africa almost 200,000 years

Where: Dinosaur Room, Level 2 
When: Wednesday 20 May 2009. Registration: 12.15pm-12.30pm; Workshop:
Cost: $10 per person. Bookings essential. Places limited. 
Booking details: Download the booking form
eek/evolving_humans_booking2009.doc>  [73 KB Word document] and submit
via email, fax or post. Workshop is aimed at an adult audience, suitable
for visitors aged 14 and up. 
Inquiries: Call Inquiry Centre for more information 3840 7555 or contact
us <http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/inquiry/contact/index.asp>  online. 


Before Brisvegas...

This public talk is a general and entertaining introduction to the
archaeology of historical Brisbane. What has been found? What might
remain to be discovered, and what can it tell us about the Brisbane we
know today? 

The public talk will be conducted by archaeologists Paddy Waterson from
the Department of Environment and Resource Management, and Michael
Westaway, Curator of Archaeology at Queensland Museum. The talk will be
followed by a viewing of artefacts from archaeological excavations in
Brisbane. Afterwards, Paddy and Michael will undertake a brief guided
walk to the Brisbane Square Library archaeology display, pointing out
some interesting archaeological sites along the way. 

Presented by the Department of Environment and Resource Management and
Queensland Museum. 
Where: Theatre, Level 2 
When: Sunday 17 May 2009, Talk: 1pm-2pm, Walk and visit to Brisbane
Square Library: 2-3pm 
Cost: Free (Bookings
<http://www.southbank.qm.qld.gov.au/learning/booking.asp>  required for
Inquiries: For more information email Paddy Waterson
paddy.waterson at epa.qld.gov.au 



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