[ASC-list] Free ANZAAS science talk, Melbourne, Wednesday 20th May, 8:00pm

David Vaux D.Vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Mon May 11 23:22:55 UTC 2009

ANZAAS Vic Science Talk, Free, all welcome (booking not needed)
Free pizza and drinks after the talk. Tell your friends!

At: Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), in the grounds of University High
School, 1H Royal Parade Parkville, enter off Story Street

Wednesday 20th May 2009, at 8 pm

Associate Professor Vince Harley

Head, Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Prince Henry¹s Institute

"Genes and Your Sex"
Three areas will be covered:

Sex development
Our sex is determined during embryonic development, when our gonads have the
potential to become either testes or ovaries. If you have Y chromosome, as
males do, a gene switch called SRY programs the fate of the gonads to become
testes. If you have two X chromosomes, as females do, the gonads develop
into ovaries. Our understanding of the complex regulatory network of genes
turned on or off is based upon studies from patients and animals with
disorders of sex development.

Sex bias in neurological disease
Parkinson¹s disease and schizophrenia are more common in males than females.
Both involve changes to a chemical messenger called dopamine. Surprisingly
we showed that SRY is also present in the adult male brain where it controls
dopamine and movement. We are investigating if SRY could be a susceptibility
factor for Parkinson¹s disease and schizophrenia in men.

Gender identity
The innermost feeling of being a boy or a girl, rather than being a
conscious decision, is thought to be hardwired and arising during embryonic
development. Our genetic studies with male-to-female transsexual individuals
suggest that a significant role is played by genes that control sex hormone

Enter University High grounds via Story Street or Royal Parade

Use the Royal Melbourne Hospital tram stop in Royal Parade. Parking
available at RMH, University of Melbourne, and designated places in Park
Drive, Royal Parade & Story Street

***We are pleased to acknowledge the support by GTAC, CSL and La Trobe
University University for the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks series***

Further Info:
Peter Kemeny:  Tel: 0409 028 165
               email peter.kemenyATgmail.com



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