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*Café Scientific at the Sydney Writers’ Festival*
*4pm, Sunday May 24
Bangarra Theatre, The Warf, Walsh Bay, Sydney
Free, no reserved seating, be early!*

New theories in cosmology claim that each of us has many exact replicas of
ourselves in other universes – in theory, you could get in a spaceship and
if you traveled far enough, meet your identical self in an identical world!
Some cosmologists say that if you accept space is infinite, then even the
most improbable event must take place eventually. Come and hear the experts
debate this amazing idea, and ask your own questions.

Panelists include:

*Marcus Chown* - award-winning UK-based writer and broadcaster. Formerly a
radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, he
is currently cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine. His books
include "The Universe Next Door" and "Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You".

*Charley Lineweaver* –coordinator of the Australian National University’s
Planetary Science Institute and joint Associate Professor in the Research
School of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the Research School of Earth

*David Braddon-Mitchell* - Professor of Philosophy in the Department of
Philosophy at the University of Sydney, and affiliated with the Centre for
Time, and Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. He is the author of
books on the philosophy of mind and metaphysics, and has published in
leading journals on the philosophy of time and space, consciousness, ethics
and metaphysics.

*Host, Paul Willis* – reporter with ABC TV’s Catalyst science program. Paul
holds a PhD in fossil crocodiles, which has nothing at all to do with the
structure of the Universe, but he has hosted dozens of live science events
and is guaranteed to provoke a stimulating and often hilarious discussion.

Free, no reserved seating, be early!

Presented by ABC Science and the Sydney Writers Festival

For more information, contact Abbie Thomas, ABC Science 02 8333 5116
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