[ASC-list] Sydney Shove, Financial Markets (Tues 26th May), and other talks

John August johna at babel.apana.org.au
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At the end of the month (Tues 26th May), we have Aaron Cleavin talking
about financial markets.  Humanist House (10 Shepherd Street
Chippendale), 6.30 for 7pm, $3 admission.

I'll be giving a talk on some issues around economics and the environment
at 7pm, Aaron will be giving his talk at 7.30.

Separately, next month, I'll be giving a talk on perspectives on rape
from evolutionary psychology and the social sciences ( www.philorum.org
) on Wednesday the 3rd, and I'll be giving a talk on the Hebrew Bible at
the NSW Humanists ( www.hsnsw.asn.au ) on Sunday the 14th.

Aaron's commentary on his talk :

"Financial Markets have shocked us all in the last year and one writer
who foreshadowed much of what occurred was Nassim Nicholas Taleeb
(Fooled by Randomness & The Black Swan).

"I plan to review some of the modern fallacies put forward by Taleeb
which bear much of the brunt for these occurrences.  Greed and fraud are
of course important in the market driven disaster, but I'll being looking
at more subtle factors.

"I will lead in talking about some of the evergreen fallacies that
Shove attendees might recognise and then engage in Talleb's
ideas from this point of departure.

About the speaker :

Originally from New Zealand Aaron left as an Economic Refugee with
Psychology and Computer Science degrees to Japan in the early 90's.
After a few years teaching English he began offering software
development service to multinationals in Tokyo falling by accident into
the world of finance and investment banking along the way.

After working for JP Morgan in Japan he then went east to the USA in
1999 joining an American trading firm Susquehanna International Group
who Then expatriated him to Ireland and Australia over the next several
years.  In 2006 he went back to school in NZ and Canada gaining an MBA
from Otago/Ivey.  Joining Challenger Financial in Mid 2007 in a cross
over technology / business role has offered another interesting
perspective on markets and life.

Along the way Aaron has managed to be the only non US player ever to
win the tournament "ASLOK Oktoberfest" generally regarded as the world
championship in what is considered the worlds most demanding and complex
board-wargames "Advanced Squad Leader" after making the journey to the
wilds of Cleveland 8 times between 1996 an 2004 and showing (Top 5) on
three other occasions in a weeklong marathon tournament with around 150

Some references :





Everybody dies, but you're more likely to remember the rich.

John August, convener The Sydney Shove - www.sydneyshove.org

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