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Theatre Show on the life and times of Galileo
Did Galileo throw cannon balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Galileo was
responsible for the beginning of experimental science. He questioned much of
the science that was being taught and carried out experiments that showed
that much of it was wrong.
There are still so many myths surrounding this scientist according to
Professor Mike Gore of the National Centre for the Public Awareness of
Science who will perform at a theatre show on the life and times of Galileo.
Mike Gore, who was Questacon¹s founding director, will kick start this
year¹s Australian Science Festival with a two part stage show telling the
real story of Galileo and a tour of the universe.
³It is 400 years since his birth, and people are still fascinated with the
man many describe as the Father of Modern Science,² Mike says.
³This show will deal with some of the historical events that happened around
the time Galileo lived. However the high lights of the performance will be
the demonstrations illustrating the science that Galileo was involved with
in his life time.Š..².
An Evening of Science Theatre ­ Two part theatre show.
Spectacle On The Life and Science of Galileo ­ presented by Professor Mike
Gore of National Centre for the Public Centre for the Public Awareness of
Science and Patrick Helean of Questacon.
Current Mysteries of the Cosmos ­ presented by Professor Brian Schmidt of
Mount Stromlo Observatory, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics,
Australian National University.
Tuesday, May 26, 7pm. Llewellyn Hall, ANU.
Free, Bookings not required.

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