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Niall Byrne niall at scienceinpublic.com.au
Wed May 27 00:17:00 UTC 2009

Dear ASC members, 


AMP is looking for PhD students to speak at a pub event. And they are
offering $5,000 for the best one!


The deadline has passed but the organisers have extended the deadline.


"Technology on Tap" is part of a bi-annual festival on "innovation and
thought leadership" organised by AMP for AMP staff. The audience for the
evening will be AMP staff, international speakers from the conference
and representatives from Austrade.


The nomination form is not long. I've cut and pasted some of the key
info about the event and selection criteria below but you will need to
go to the website to get more information: Technology on Tap overview:


Please note. This is not part of Fresh Science and we are not involved
in running the event. For a nomination form, please contact Caryn Morgan
on caryn at cmaevents.com.au ph: 02 9810 2701. 



Kind regards,





More information:


Technology on Tap will take place on Tuesday 23 June 2009 from 5.30 -
8.30pm at the Paragon Hotel, Circular Quay. 

It will be attended by AMP's IT division, AMP Executive, AMPLIFY
Festival international guests, representatives from Austrade, and
Austrade's top 10 innovators.

Please email your submission to Caryn Morgan on caryn at cmaevents.com.au 

Nominations close 12noon Friday 15 May 2009. For further information,
contact Caryn Morgan on caryn at cmaevents.com.au ph: 02 9810 2701



AMPLIFY is a bi-annual Innovation and Thought Leadership Festival
organised by IT at AMP for AMP staff.  Throughout the week invited speakers
from around the world will present innovation in it's many forms and AMP
staff have the opportunity to learn from these remarkable people and
help AMP evolve. 

AMPLIFY concludes with a one day Expo held within the Circular Quay
building which aims to showcase the many innovative projects being
developed by AMP staff.

The 2009 festival will feature a new and public concept "Technology on
Tap" which will show not only AMP staff but also the public, the magic
of innovation and research taking place in Australia. 



What is Technology on Tap? 

This event will invite some of Australia's pioneers of scientific study
and research to share their work in a manner that is easily digestible
to a non-academic audience. The audience will comprise AMP leaders and
employees, an array of international guests and keynote speakers
attending the AMPLIFY Festival, as well as interested members of the
public- an evening of so-called "Infotainment".  This will take place in
an informal setting at the Paragon Pub, one block from AMP's Circular
Quay offices. 

An example of the sort of people we are hoping to involve in the
adjudication process for "Technology on Tap's" most effective "pitches"

Jeff Carter, Bank of America Founder and Executive-in-residence of
Massachussets Institute of Technology's Centre for Future Banking. 

Jamais Cascio, futurist, thought leader and research affiliate at
Institute for the Future 

Ian Gardiner, Founder and CEO of Viocorp, an emerging Australian
technology company turned successful mainstream international player in
web-based visual communication.  



The selection criteria 

AMP are looking for scientists and engineers who can communicate their
significant achievement to non-scientific audience in plain English.

The initial selection will be made on the basis of the nomination form
submitted. This means how the application is written will be used as a
guide to the ability of the nominee to communicate in everyday English. 

The nominee must write their own entry. 

Please note that the AMPLIFY committee will select the finalists not
only on quality of their science, but also on the news worthiness of
their topics. The group selected will also include a spread of
disciplines and topics.


Finalists selected:

-     will be  conducting research in Australia or be an Australian

-     will have reached a significant milestone and produced
peer-reviewed results. 

-     will be approved for public and media presentation i.e. nominees
may need to consult with their collaborators and commercial partners.

-     will be able to present their research and findings in plain
English in an entertaining way

-     The presenter will need to be actively involved in the project


What's in it for you?

-     IT at AMP will donate $5000 in funding monies to the overall winning

-     All participants will be invited to attend the AMPLIFY sessions of
their choice (22-25 June 2009)

-     All participants will have special entry to the AMPLIFY EXPO on
Friday 26 June

-     An opportunity to speak with international innovators and develop

-     Access to Austrade representatives and spokes people

-     An opportunity to meet and develop relationships with Australia's
top innovators





Niall Byrne


Science in Public

26 Railway Street South, Altona Vic 3018


ph +61 (3) 9398 1416 or 0417 131 977

niall at scienceinpublic.com.au


Full contact details at www.scienceinpublic.com


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