[ASC-list] Free ANZAAS science talk, Melbourne, Wednesday 21st October, 6:30pm

David Vaux d.vaux at latrobe.edu.au
Mon Oct 12 22:56:00 UTC 2009

ANZAAS Vic Science Talk, Free, all welcome (booking not needed)
Free pizza and drinks after the talk

At: Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), in the grounds of University High
School, 1H Royal Parade Parkville, off Story Street

Wednesday 21st October 2009, at 6:30 pm

Professor Jamie Rossjohn
ARC Federation Fellow
Head, Protein Crystallography Unit, Monash University.

"Proteins, fats and sugars: pathogen attack and immune defense"
The human population is constantly under threat of microbial attack.  The
survival of our species reflects a delicate balance between infection and
immunity. Whether an individual mounts an effective immune response or
succumbs to microbial infection is critically dependent on host proteins
interacting effectively with microbial antigens, versus microbes developing
sophisticated strategies of invasion and immune evasion.  The research
program of the laboratory, in collaboration with leading laboratories in
Australia, addresses questions central to infection and immunity, using
protein crystallography, synchrotron radiation and associated techniques as
the main research tools. I shall discuss recent advances made by the
laboratory, which includes pathogens¹ mechanisms of recognition of key
proteins and unusual sugars, and immune surveillance of components of
bacteria and viruses and examples of when our immune system gets it ³wrong²,
thereby triggering autoimmune reactions.

Use the Royal Melbourne Hospital tram stop in Royal Parade. Parking
available at RMH, University of Melbourne, and designated places in Park
Drive, Royal Parade & Story Street

***We are pleased to acknowledge the support by GTAC, CSL, the Australian
Synchrotron and La Trobe University for the ANZAAS Melbourne science talks

Further Info:
Peter Kemeny:  Tel: 0409 028 165
               email peter.kemenyATgmail.com



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