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> Subject: Free Range Science - Ballarat Wed 21 October

> Free Range Science will be bringing science and scientists out of  
> the lab and into the towns of regional Victoria.  Driven by the  
> Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) and proudly supported by the  
> Victorian Government, Free Range Science will bring opportunities  
> for people to engage with science and scientists right across rural  
> and regional Victoria. The first event of this four-year project  
> will take place in Ballarat this Wednesday:
> Nanotechnology- the future is small
> Nanotechnology – what is it? For some, it’s nothing new. For  
> others, the word conjures up images of a sci-fi future. So what’s th 
> e big fuss about?
> Nanotechnology is the science of small things. Really, really small  
> things. Perhaps the simplest definition is that it involves  
> engineering at the scale of billionths of a metre – a million times  
> smaller than the head of a pin.
> But nanotechnology is already all around you if you know where to  
> look; nature has utilised nano sized structures many times  
> throughout evolution, from helping  geckos walk on ceilings to the  
> beautiful iridescence of butterfly wings.  Nanotech is already in  
> everyday items such as car parts, cosmetics and sunscreen, tennis  
> rackets and stain-proof clothes.  Materials can take on unique  
> properties at the nanoscale, such as carbon nanotubes 1/50,000 the  
> width of a human hair, but fifty times stronger than steel.
> Join Francesca Calati (La Trobe University) and Dr Erol Harvey  
> (MiniFAB), for an entertaining hands-on exploration of the real life  
> science behind nanotechnology.  Take part in hands-on ‘The Nanotube  
> Challenge’ and discover the answers to some big questions about very 
>  small worlds.
> Date and time: Wednesday 21 October 2009 7.00 pm–9.00 pm
> Location: The George Hotel, 25-27 Lydiard St, Ballarat VIC 3350
> Audience: Adults with no assumed scientific background.  Under 18s  
> will only be admitted with a parent or guardian.
> This event is free of charge but booking is required, please  visit http://freerangesciencenanotechnology.eventbrite.com/ 
>  to book now.
> For more information contact Lisa Bailey lbailey at riaus.org.au
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