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Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Fri Sep 11 06:38:49 UTC 2009

Dear friends and colleagues,

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we currently face, with an
almost infinite complexity affecting all aspects of our lives. Explaining
the science and importance of climate change is not easy. Targeted
communication with maps and graphics makes it easier to grasp what it's all

Many of us now have the power to work closely with data, but we also need to
know how to use that data to reach policymakers and the public.
Communicating effectively without getting lost in the complexity of the
topic is also essential.

In our role as environmental communications experts, we have joined forces
to establish a training program to build capacity in using maps and graphics
to explain climate change.

We plan to hold the training in the days leading up to COP15 in Copenhagen
in December, and we welcome anyone involved in communicating climate change
issues. You can read more about the workshop at

Would you or your institution be interested in attending? Your comments,
suggestions and ideas are very welcome!

Best wishes,

Hugo Ahlenius and Marianne Fernagut
Communication experts at Nordpil and Envalue
<hugo.ahlenius at nordpil.com> and <marianne.fernagut at envalue.be>

Hugo Ahlenius

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