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Do not miss the Science of Being Human which will kick start the Australian Science Festival tomorrow night (Monday, August 2) at CSIRO Discovery Centre, Canberra, from 6.30pm.
Below is a detailed description of the 3 hour free event which gives a rare expert insight into human behaviour.
Hope to see you there. All Australian Science Festival events from August 2 to 15 can be found at www.sciencefestival.com.au.

Everyday people do what they do best – be humans. Rarely do they question how or why they do what they do in order to achieve this, but there are scientists all over the world who do. Often these scientists are engaged by military and national security agencies and subsequently the results of their research are not always very accessible.

This three hour seminar will bring the science behind three key Human Skills out into the open through three consecutive, autonomous, interactive presentations.

The first, the Science of Emotion will explore how the work of World renown psychologist Paul Ekman has been refined and translated into tools that are used by national security agencies and the subject of such television shows as Lie to Me. It will explore the scientific answers to questions such as:
	• Why do we have emotions?
	• How do they affect the body and the mind?
	• Why does emotion “leak” out of our bodies?
	• Is emotion the only universal indicator?
	• What are micro-expressions and why don’t we normally see them?

The second, the Science of Persuasion is based on the work of the most quoted Social Scientist in the World, Dr Robert Cialdini. Utilised by the largest corporations in the world, the extensive, yet relatively unpublished research, reveals why some people can get others to do what they want them to, yet others cannot. It will examine how the science explains:
	• Why we want things that are scare more than those that are plentiful?
	• Why we try and keep up with the “Jones”?
	• How authority influences our choices?
	• What makes a good gift?

The third, the Science of Deception combines various work of law enforcement, national security and military agencies and challenges the myths that some television shows perpetuate. It will examine how science has shown that:
	• Humans are not very good at detecting deception
	• We all lie
	• Men make better liars than women
	• Our body gives away our lies
	• The words we use can show we are being deceptive
	• Deception is cultural

The presenters:
Steve Longford is a former Criminal Profiler and head of the Queensland Police Violent Crime analysis Unit. He has degrees in psychology and intelligence and has spent the last 7 years developing the Human Skills Program.
Anthony McLean is also a former Queensland Police Officer having worked as an intelligence analyst for the Homicide Squad and Emergency Response Teams. He has a degree in Criminology and the only Cialdini Method Certified Trainer in the country. In 2008, both became the only Australian certified trainers for the Paul Ekman Group for Micro-expressions.


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