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>From Bean to Bar... Chocolate chemistry

Join us for the unusual opportunity to taste, smell and examine the
different steps in chocolate making and understand why people eat the
treated fruit of the cacao plant.

Anyone who likes chocolate is welcome.

Good quality dark chocolate is a very complex food, containing more than 400
different molecules. Many of these are derived from the football-sized cacao
pods that are fermented, dried, roasted, pressed, re-mixed, tempered and
moulded to make chocolate blocks.

As chemists, we¹re interested in some of these molecules because of the way
they effect people ­ some of the outcomes are pretty obvious (too much fatty
chocolate makes people put on weight) but chocolate also contains stimulants
(including caffeine) that increase the heart rate and influence our
emotions. There are also important antioxidants in chocolate ­ antioxidants
generally can reduce blood pressure and can decrease stroke and cancer

Sunday August 15
Queen Victoria Market, near the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets,

>From Bean to Bar is part of ³Living Science at the Queen Victoria Market²
and more information is available at

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