[ASC-list] Matthew Reilly in Canberra tomorrow for the Australian Science Festival

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Fri Aug 13 06:21:29 UTC 2010

Australia's number one selling author Matthew Reilly is at the Shine Dome,
Canberra tomorrow for the Australian Science Festival event: Sci Fi to
Life at 4.30pm. He is just one of the amazing people at tomorrow's Geek is
Chic day. Come on down to see:

10.45am - Paper Plane Pilots

Do you know how to make the perfect paper aeroplane? Join the Paper Plane
Pilots to learn how!!!!

Learn about flight in nature, lift drag gravity and propulsion.

11.30am - Chess Contest

Chess champion and winner of the first Australian TV series Beauty and the
Geek, Jeremy Reading will be playing speed chess, and giving away ‘how to
win a beauty’ tips to anyone that beats him.

12pm - Hard on the Thumbs – Science of Gaming

Gaming is big business with profits almost equaling the movie industry.
This talk features Tony Oakden of Bioshock and others outlined below,
answering questions on what goes into these games.


·      Lea Bartlett - Physics in games

·      Tony Oakden - a brief history of gaming hardware and what the
future holds

·      Jay Kyburz (/The Cloud/) - how games will be made and played in the

·      Adam Clark - Making None player characters behave like real people

1.45pm - Paper Plane Pilots (see above)

3pm - Cartoon Workshop

CSIRO's Mike McRae will teach kids of all ages how to make a cartoon that
is scientifically accurate.

4.20pm – Costumed Avengers –Announcement of the winner the best dressed
super hero from the general public. See you all there dressed up.

Sci Fi to Life – 4.30pm

How do you use science to make the Unimaginable Tangible?

Australia’s number one selling author Matthew Reilly will join fellow
science fiction and fantasy authors and producers to discuss their
inspirations etc.


·      Matthew Reilly – author of The Five Greatest Warriors.

·      Jack Heath – local author of the Third Transmission.

·      Katie Taylor – local author of the Griffin.

·      Moderator Ché Baker – local author of the Journalist.

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