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Position description 

Position title: Publications Manager
Department: Communications
Responsible to: Chief Executive
Responsible for: five staff including the functions of graphic design,
publishing, website maintenance, periodicals library, project staff and
media (under review)
Hours: Full time 
Tenure: Either fixed term (one to three years) or ongoing ('standard'
Classification: 8 or SM 1 depending on qualifications and experience
Date reviewed: 9 August 2010


The Publications Manager is a key part of the Academy of Science's
communication team, whose work has a significant impact on the Academy's
reputation and credibility.  The Academy publishes a wide range of material,
in hard copy and in electronic form, and maintains an extensive website.

The Publications Manager deals with the preparation and production of this
material, sometimes using external contractors or researchers, to ensure a
high quality product that is consistent with the Academy's style and

These range from internal documents such as the Annual Report and fellowship
Directory, to newsletters, programs and proceedings for workshops and
conferences, transcripts from public lectures and research reports.
Currently, the position is also responsible for media liaison and the
coordination and promotion of significant Academy events. 

The functions and responsibilities of this team are under review as an
expansion of the Academy's capability, particularly in the area of education
outreach and public awareness, is under way and may result in a new
higher-level communications management position being established in the
near future.


Further position information, qualifications, selection criteria and duties
are available from www.science.org.au/jobs/.

Applications close Tuesday 24 August COB.

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