[ASC-list] New position - Sydney based with links to national networks: NSW Science Communication, Project Officer

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Fri Aug 20 06:36:18 UTC 2010

Dear ASC,


A major goal of the Inspiring Australia report is to coordinate science
engagement activities throughout the regions and the nation. To achieve this
the states and territories each agreed to appoint a person , with funding or
co-funding from DIISR, to such a coordination role. The first such job,
titled 'Science in Society Project Officer', was recently advertised and
will be based at RiAus in Adelaide. 


The next job, NSW Science Communication, Project Officer, has just been
advertised. This position will be based at the Australia Museum in Sydney
and will have a focus on NSW activities but will communicate with
stakeholders at local, state and federal levels. It is temporary full-time
for up to 12 months.


I strongly encourage suitably qualified ASC members to consider applying for
this position (and similar ones yet to be advertised). This is a great
opportunity for those who are skilled networkers.


The link to the position and details is:

191500> &job=191500 


An extract from the position description:

The position of NSW Science Communication, Project Officer is one of five
(5) positions that report to the Manager, Science Communication within the
Visitor Programs and Services Branch (of the Australian Museum).... 


This position is funded through the Australian Federal Government's Science
Connections Program (SCOPE), and has been created to address recommendations
in the Inspiring Australia (IA) report. In particular, the position has been
created to support the strategy's key recommendation to establish a
'national framework - local action' approach to science communication. This
Project, hosted by the Australian Museum, will establish a collaborative
partnership in New South Wales (NSW) between the Commonwealth (DIISR), the
Recipient, the New South Wales Government (through I&INSW and Office of the
Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer, OCCSE) and the NSW National Science
Week Coordinating Committee (NSWk CC). The overarching objective of this
partnership is to increase cooperation amongst organisations involved in
science communication in NSW, drive partnerships and implement complementary




Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators, 2010



Jesse Shore PhD
Science Communicator
P:   (02) 9810 2328
M:   0415 841 276
E:     <mailto:jesse at prismaticsciences.com> jesse at prismaticsciences.com
W:   <http://www.prismaticsciences.com/> www.prismaticsciences.com


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