[ASC-list] Request for your cooperation in Case study for hands-on science programs (KOFAC)

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Fri Aug 27 12:04:17 UTC 2010

ASC has received a request for information from the Korea Foundation for
the Advancement of Science and Creativity. Please reply to JiYun Lee or
Mrs. Eunju Kim directly if you can provide the information they request and
if you are interested in seeing them on their visit to Australia in mid-




From: 이지윤 <jyl at kofac.or.kr>
Date: 2010/8/21
Subject: Request for your cooperation in Case study for hands-on science
programs (KOFAC)
To: ascadmin at sonofhut.com, office at asc.asn.au
Cc: 김은주 <tribune2 at kofac.or.kr>, 이지윤 <jyl at kofac.or.kr>

Dear Sir/Madame,


Hello, I am JiYun Lee from the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of
Science and Creativity (KOFAC). KOFAC is a nonprofit governmental
organization committed to Korean development with the mission of
“Establishing a Creative Society based on Science” by advancing science-
culture and science education in Korea. 


One of many programs carried out by KOFAC is the Hands-on Science Class,
which is a low-cost, hands-on science program out of the frame of
conventional lecture-type classes in schools offered to elementary and
middle school students in local community centers. (Note from Jesse: I
removed their attachments of information. Contact them if you want to
receive the attachments, "Letter of request for cooperation in the
research" and "Introduction_Hands-on Science Class".)


Mrs. EunJu Kim, one of my colleagues, and I are conducting a case study on
overseas low-cost, hands-on science programs to collect data on best
practices and managing systems of overseas hands-on programs, to compare
the effectiveness with our program, the Hands-on Science Class, and to
exchange them with ours or introduce them into Korea. We deeply appreciate
if you can help us on this research.


We found the ASC website and thought it can be very interesting and
productive for our research to meet science communicators in the actual
field and learn more about your science education activities. We would like
to request for your help on collecting some data and also we would like to
visit ASC maybe during the 2nd or 3rd week of coming September, if
possible, to hear and observe more details and have some interviews with
the participants of the activities and people in the field. Would you
please help us with it? 


Also, if there is any resources and samples of hands-on science programs
that you can share with us, we greatly appreciate you. Such as program
books, websites, science kits, video clips, or detailed written
explanations, etc. will be appreciated. (To give you an idea on what we are
looking for, I have attached files as some samples of the Hands-on Science
Class program modules, but these are just samples, so any other format is
appreciated.) We appreciate if you can send us related data by September 3,

In case the program is very suitable for our Hands-on Science Class
programs, we may request more details. Then, we would like to review the
possibility of your programs to be introduced into KOFAC’s Hands-on
Science Class. In such case, KOFAC would like to either 1) purchase your
hands-on science kits, 2) exchange program modules or trainers who can
demonstrate and teach the programs to others. 

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact Mrs. Eunju Kim(+822-559-
3831, tribune2 at kofac.or.kr) or me(JiYun Lee, +822-559-3855,
jyl at kofac.or.kr). 


Thank you very much for your kind cooperation in advance!  


Best regards,






Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators, 2010



Jesse Shore PhD
Science Communicator
P:   (02) 9810 2328
M:   0415 841 276
E:     <mailto:jesse at prismaticsciences.com> jesse at prismaticsciences.com
W:   <http://www.prismaticsciences.com/> www.prismaticsciences.com


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