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Hello everyone

CSIRO Education is getting involved in the International Year of Chemistry with themed issues of our children's magazines Scientriffic (January issue) and The Helix (February issue). Details at www.csiro.au/helix<http://www.csiro.au/helix>.

We also offer a large range of chemistry-themed school programs and workshops through our network of regional centres - see www.csiro.au/RegionalEducation<http://www.csiro.au/RegionalEducation> for details. And we have some great chemistry hands-on activities online at www.csiro.au/diy<http://www.csiro.au/diy>.

There may be more linked programs and/or activities later in the year...

We don't have specific plans to link to International Year of Forestry yet, but I'm sure we'll include some related programs or activities later in 2011.

I believe that World Wetlands Day in February has a theme of 'Wetlands and Forests' to link to the International Year of Forests. Some information at http://www.ramsar.org/cda/en/ramsar-activities-wwds-wwd2011index/main/ramsar/1-63-78%5E24770_4000_0__. In Australia I think it's being coordinated by the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

I've also just heard that Nasa has designated 2010-11 as Year of the Solar System (a Martian year, apparently) because of the large number of new missions and arrivals of missions throughout the solar system. See http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/yss/index.cfm

Hope this helps


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I should clarify my request.

Is anyone active in Australia for Forests Year or for any other years with a significant science element.


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Hi Niall / All,

   There are lots of "Years"!  (More, it seems, than are available on calendars)
   Some of the "Years" you may be referring to are those designated by the UN:


   Not all years need to follow the Jan-Dec calendar structure and, by taking
   just part of the theme it seems possible to work science into many of them.

   eg:  2011 covers "International Year for People of African Descent" and
   "International Year of Youth" (12 August 2010 - 11 August 2011) in addition
   to Chemistry and Forests and science and science communication in particular
   might be worked into both of those themes.

   That page is also the jumping off point for UN days, weeks, and decades.


On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 01:05:22AM +0000, Niall Byrne wrote:
> Dear Ascers,
> Next year is the International Year of Chemistry and the International Year of Forests.
> RACI is coordinating a program for chemistry.
> But does anyone know if there are any plans for Forests Year.
> And are there any more Years?
> We're not involved in planning for either year but are curious about what's happening.
> Feel free to respond on or off list.
> I'll compile your answers and post them back to the list.
> And we will also provide links to major events in our wrap up bulletins for the International Year of Biodiversity.
> Kind regards,
> Niall
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